Clean Marine Policy

clean-marine-certified-300x_largeThe Clean Marine Policy stems from a much broader initiative called the Clean Marine Program which promotes environmentally responsible best management practices for marinas and clubs. Performance and compliance with the program is then measured by extensive audits and ranked by an independent organization.

In 2018 Loyalist Cove Marina was awarded the “Clean Marine Five Diamond Rating” designation for its efforts to adopt the initiatives of this program.

Each member of the marina is asked to sign Loyalist Cove Marina’s Clean Marine Policy as a pledge to properly manage potential pollutants in parallel with company efforts to manage the facility in an environmentally responsible manner. Boaters agree to a series of commitments that encompass both common sense and the regulations under which Loyalist Cove Marina operates.

Fuels, oil, food, chemicals, paints, cleansers, gray / black water are potential pollutants and keeping them in their place and disposing of them properly is critical to keeping local waters clean and usable for others in years to come.